Virus Attacks Random Acts Production Computer

Hello all...

Due to a pesky virus or something called "Antivirus Soft", I have been un able to do a DAMN THING on my main PC. Which is quite upsetting to me. As a result, this weeks episode will be delayed hopefully no more than a week.

I apologize for the inconvenience and regret disappointing all my subscribers, but the funk will return as soon as my PC can defeat this technological glitch.

Stay Funky...


This Weeks Featured Funk - Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley

Hello again everyone. I am very excited about this weeks podcast! First of all, I have music from 3 great funk bands. The Grippo Funk Band, SoulFire, and Mr. Breakdown. These bands are worthy of being followed by funk lovers across the planet! And I urge you to give them a listen, well actually you have no choice, because in order to get to this weeks Featured Funk artist, you have to listen to those bands first. But trust me... Your body will be bouncing around from start to finish.

Speaking of this weeks Featured Funk artist. All I can say is with a name like "Funkboy" it's got to be good. Actually good is an understatement. Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley is FUNK-Tastic!!! And you will be hooked on his style if you have never heard his stuff before!

So listen to the podcast TODAY by CLICKING HERE!

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Random Acts of Funk - featuring DREXLER

The wait is finally over!

"Random Acts of Funk" is back with a brand new episode. This weeks featured band is DREXLER, and they are truly FUNKY! You owe it to yourself to check them out and when you their CD. If you can stop dancing that is.

Also in the podcast we hear new music from Laura Cheadle, Funkiphino will be present, and you'll also be getting a sneek peek of a future featured funk artist - the 8 Ohms Band.

So stop what your doing and get your funk on! Click Here to download this weeks podcast TODAY!

Laura Cheadle's NEW Music Video